Quilting Services

long arm quilting example

Choosing to have your top quilted by a professional long arm quilter is a great option. Long Arm quilting makes the quilt very durable. Whether you send the quilt top through the mail or bring it in to Zany Kreations, we will discuss the type of quilting that best suits your quilt. Sometimes I will recommend a less expensive edge-to-edge quilting pattern. Other times I will suggest custom quilting your top. By this I mean if your quilt has a certain flower, star, paisley, leaf, etc. print in the fabric, I try to duplicate that somewhere in the quilting. I have been in business since 2001 and have quilted hundreds of quilts. I have between a three and six month turn around time. If you know your quilt needs to be done by a specific date, I will hold a hanger for you so you can insure getting it done in time. I do not like to be asked to put one quilt ahead of others that have been waiting to be quilted.

Some rules for LongArm Quilting

There are a few points I like to go over with each customer…

  • Quilt backing must measure 4” larger on all sides.
  • A nice variety of battings are available at my studio.
  • Thread types and colors will be discussed and are available on site.
  • Zany Kreations is a clean and smoke-free environment.
  • Quilt top and backing should be pressed and lint free.
  • Some quilt backings have lots of sizing in them. If your fabric feels stiff, please wash, dry and press the fabric. Sometimes it takes two washings to get the fabric to soften.
  • Appointment times are limited to 15-30 minutes.
  • I love to stop for a bit and catch up with each person who stops in, but if I am not running my machines, I am not working. This means no one’s quilt is getting done!